Transforming the Corridors of the Historic Hotel Deca, a 1930’s Art Deco Treasure in Seattle’s University District

Division 9 Flooring updated the corridors at Hotel Deca in Seattle's University District

Division 9 Flooring recently completed corridor work on Hotel Deca, a boutique hotel located in Seattle’s University District.  The hotel was built in 1930 and was originally named after a beloved Professor at The University of Washington – Edmond Meany.  The UW named Meany Hall for The Performing Arts after him as well.  The building is considered a remarkable example of the art-deco style.  The hotel maintains some of its original architecture and is now called Hotel Deca.

“Division 9 was very accommodating in getting the job done. They are always very efficient and I enjoy working with them”.

Joe Rusnak – Site Supervisor – Elements Hospitality     Continue reading…

Habitat for Humanity gets creative repurposing D9 Flooring

Division 9 Flooring is big on environmental sustainability. Over the past 7 years, we’ve diverted thousands of pounds of carpet and pad from the landfill.  When we partnered with Habitat for Humanity last year, our intention was to find a cause in our area that would put our materials to good use through repurposing. That’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with Habitat for Humanity.  We’ve donated somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 worth of goods to Habitat for Humanity Snohomish County.  Continue reading…

Healthcare Gets An Updated Look @ Prestige Care

Modern Healthcare Flooring at Prestige Care Edmonds

At Division 9 Flooring, we take pride in our work. Prestige Care in Edmonds is a prime example of the fine work we do, particularly in healthcare. We are very proud of the way this project turned out, but more importantly, the folks we worked with at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation and Exxel Pacific are pleased as well.

The significance of flooring often gets overlooked. The fact is, it can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel and perception of a room – impacting both productivity and comfort level. It’s just as important as wall color and décor. Prestige Care is very clear on the direction their flooring should take, striving to provide a safe, comfortable, and calming interior. When you’re dealing in healthcare facilities, the #1 priority is safety. But safety doesn’t have to look boring or sterile. We were able to fulfill all of Prestige Care’s needs with a beautiful result. Continue reading…

Pike Motorworks transforms Capitol Hill with Division 9 Flooring imprint

Pike Motorworks Apartments have Division 9 Flooring installed

Pike Motorworks transforms Capitol Hill with Division 9 Flooring imprint. The Pike Motorworks Apartments recently opened at 714 E Pike in Seattle. The location was known as auto row in the early 1900’s. More recently, it housed BMW and Mercedes dealerships. 260 apartment units now sit above 20,000 square feet of retail space. The building incorporates some of the historic building that once stood at the site with reclaimed wood columns and beams. Continue reading…

Apple Moves to Seattle- Division 9 Flooring Rolls Out Corporate Carpet

Apple and Division 9 Flooring

Apple Moves to Seattle- Division 9 Flooring Rolls Out Corporate Carpet

Tech giant Apple Inc. wants a presence in Seattle. They’re following the lead of many other California tech companies moving to Seattle. Apple is moving a development office into 601 Union in the 2 Union Square Building. The building is the 3rd tallest in Seattle, behind the Columbia Center and Seattle Municipal Tower. About 200 Apple employees will occupy the 44th floor and half of the 45th floors of the 2 Union Square Building. Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring Donates to Habitat for Humanity

Division 9 Flooring donates new flooring to Habitat for Humanity

Division 9 Flooring Donates to Habitat for Humanity

Division 9 Flooring and Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County formed a partnership last year. Division 9 Flooring has long had an interest in repurposing, recycling (D-9 was honored with the 2015 Re-Innovator Award for waste prevention and recycling) and giving to those in need. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian housing ministry seeking to eliminate poverty and homelessness. It makes sense that both organizations would come together to help those in need. Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring puts signature on new Allen Institute for Brain Science

Division 9 Flooring a part of Paul Allen Institute for Brain Science

Division 9 Flooring puts signature on new Allen Institute for Brain Science –

Paul Allen’s name is often associated with Bill Gates. They went to school together in Seattle in the 70’s and co-founded Microsoft. Allen has many interests. He founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2003 to accelerate the understanding of the human brain in health and science. To date, he has donated $500 million to this project. Allen is also behind the redevelopment of the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle. Not long ago, the area was blanketed in old industrial buildings, many of which sat empty. Allen is now moving his Institute for Brain Science to South Lake Union with a prime location on Mercer and Westlake Avenue North in Seattle. Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring enlisted for Microsoft Cafe 121

Division 9 Flooring Microsoft Cafe 121 Project

Division 9 Flooring enlisted for Microsoft’s Cafe 121

Seattle’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen planted the seeds of technology in Seattle back in the 70’s when they created Microsoft.  Today, Microsoft employs over 60,000 people in the Puget Sound area in over 14 million square feet of owned and leased facilities. Microsoft wants to attract, develop and keep the industry’s best, brightest and most sought after talent. They achieve that in many different areas, one of them is food. Food fuels the body and the mind. Making healthy food available on the Microsoft campus just makes sense. The main Microsoft campus in Redmond contains a network of 40 different cafes.

To keep things fresh, these cafes undergo consistent renovation. Cafe 121 is the latest and Division 9 Flooring was enlisted to assist in the makeover. The cafe feeds around 2000 people daily. Some of the cafe’s on campus offer self-ordering and self-check out. A remote ordering option is available at times with the ability to order ahead on your cell phone. Leave it to Microsoft to bring technology into their cafes. Microsoft also has made available a scanner that detects food allergies. A pizza place with an oven specifically designed to cook a pizza in 90 seconds.  For the health conscience, Microsoft displays micro greens in hydroponic bins under plasma lights in a few of their cafes. Microsoft has a misfit produce section. It helps farmers sell produce that would normally be thrown out, but is fresh usable produce.

Division 9 Flooring installs flooring in many different buildings in our area. Each building has a history. It’s own story. When we run across a company like Microsoft that share our values, it makes the project seem more like a partnership working together towards the same goals.

Division 9 Flooring embraces technology and is committed to the environment. D9 was honored this year with the re-innovator award for waste prevention and recycling practices. Like Microsoft, we feel it’s our duty to do our part for the environment. We infuse the concept of “reduce -reuse-recycle” into every decision we make.

Maltby Food Bank Auction Keeps The Spirit Of Giving Alive And Well

Maltby Food Bank volunteer Michelle Robbins

Division 9 Flooring and Maltby Food Bank are neighbors. We both reside in Maltby, part of the city of Woodinville. Division 9 Flooring respects the Maltby Food Bank and the work it does, so the neighborly thing to do would be to donate to Maltby Food Bank. Division 9 has a long history of giving with Maltby Food Bank.  The degree of giving changed significantly last year when Michelle Robbins came to work for Division 9. She stepped it up by volunteering at Maltby Food Bank once a week for the past year. She was recently asked to join the board.

Robbins was at The Maltby Food Bank auction that took place in September. Krisitine Willson from Maltby Food Bank says she saw something interesting happen at this year’s auction. Something that’s never happened before. During the fund-a-need paddle raise, someone raised their paddle and announced that the last person to donate $100 would get the $100 bill they were holding up. It caught on and increased to $400. The fund-a-need portion of the auction raised over $21,000. Enough to enable Maltby Food Bank to continue to provide produce for the needy year-round, and to provide dairy to those in need weekly. According to Maltby Food Bank Director, Natalie Oswald, by the end of the night they had raised $55,000.  Enough to continue to feed over 100 families or as many as 600 people per week. Oswald says the food bank does more than feed families. They started handing out coats last week. Closer to the holidays the food bank will throw a holiday party for the families with crafts to keep the kids busy while parents pick out gifts for their children.

Some of the volunteers at the Maltby Food Bank have been volunteering there for over 20 years.

Maltby Food Bank Volunteers

Division 9 Flooring believes in giving back. Especially when it’s close to home. If you’d like to give to Maltby Food Bank, you can do so by clicking here –



Division 9 Flooring floors University of Washington’s Meany Hall Stage

Meany Hall gets makeover by Division 9 Flooring
University of Washington’s Meany Hall is considered one of the northwest’s premiere performance facilities. It was originally known as Auditorium Hall, but the name was changed in 1909 to Meany Hall to honor Edmond S Meany, a University of Washington graduate who played a huge part in getting many of the buildings on the campus. In 1958, the hall underwent a $75000.00 renovation. An earthquake in 1965 revealed the hall was unsafe. A new hall was built in 1974 at a cost of moe than seven million dollars.

The University of Washington was built in 1861 and has one of the most highly regarded medical schools in the world. Division 9 Flooring is honored to be asked to assist in the renovation of Meany Hall. The hall houses the Meany Theatre which is well known for its superior acoustics. The hall’s calendar is full of performances, lectures, and artists. The stage is in continual use so the flooring is very important. We recently completed an update on the flooring and are very proud of the results. The show must go on and the flooring must stand up.

University of Washington's Many Hall gets new stage floor

Division 9 Flooring provides many of our area schools with flooring, including Lakeside School, where Bill Gates and Paul Allen met, and Northwest School on Capitol Hill. What could be more important than education? So when the University of Washington enlisted our services, we knew their level of excellence needed to be reflected in our work. Fortunately, Division 9 Flooring has the same high standards of excellence. Studies show that flooring can have a major impact on education and the arts. Knowing the flooring we provided at UW’s Meany Hall would endure countless performances inspired us. Harry Belafonte himself will be standing on that stage as will numerous dancers, performers and lecturers. We are very happy to be a part of a project that impacts so many.