Who We Are

Division 9 is a specialty flooring contractor, principally providing flooring related services and products. We purchase our products directly from manufacturing firms and from a select few distributors. Our purchasing power ensures we receive some of the most preferential pricing in the industry, and allows us access to several exclusive product lines. Your project will be installed by teams of highly trained Division 9 employees.

Alternately, we will subcontract our installation services from reputable, licensed firms who undergo a rigid qualification process before being allowed to represent us at our job sites. We will tailor the installation teams to match the needs of the client and the project.

Our clientele includes: facility & property managers, building owners, end users, government agencies, school districts and commercial contractors in the new construction and tenant improvement sectors.

Why We Are Here

Division 9 Flooring exists to enrich the experience of our employees, clients and community, by conducting our business sensibly and with absolute integrity, providing a safe and productive workplace, improving our environmental legacy, and constantly improving through increasing knowledge and experience.

Division 9 is committed to our environment. Our comprehensive sustainability program ranges from physical carpet recycling to LEED certified support, and offers our clients best-in-class solutions to the everyday challenges of protecting our environment. Learn more about our passion for sustainability here or find out more about our full-scale corporate stewardship objective by contacting us at gogreen[at]division9flooring.com.

Some call it a trend or a fad. We call it our duty.



What We Care About

Good business means integrity and honesty as well as profitability.

We provide a safe and engaging workplace for the benefit of our employees & their families.

We infuse the concept “reuse, reduce and recycle” into every decision, no matter how small.

We embrace and share new technology, especially that of sustainable and efficient architecture, as well as the wisdom of our experiences.

We are a business that adds to the well-being of every employee.

We are a business that acts in our clients’ best interests at all times.

Where We Come From

Hewlett-Packard started out in a shed. The Columbia Winery began in a garage. In 2002, Division 9 was created in a spare bedroom on an old door converted into a desk.

Our founder, Chuck Young, possessed an extensive background in flooring installation. Over the years, he worked with many of the dealers in our industry. Those experiences compelled him to set out on his own and create a new type of commercial flooring company. Mr. Young believed customers would prefer to work with an advisor, and not a salesman. He believed General Contractors would prefer to work with a partner, and not just a subcontractor. Those founding principles are what guide the company today.

From those humble beginnings; we have grown into a company that handles all types of flooring projects. We have teams that can perform anything from a small repair, to a multiple city block development. It can be down the street or across the country.

Our Network

Fuse Alliance

The Fuse Alliance is a member owned network of professional commercial flooring contractors located throughout the United States and Canada. The organization’s goal is to increase the flooring contractor’s value in the supply chain, and ensure that these values are continually enhanced to support its customers and suppliers.

Through our association with the Fuse Alliance, Division 9 Flooring gains industry knowledge, best practices and the ability to support multi-location customers through the leading commercial flooring contractors in the United States and Canada.