D9 Under Time Crunch to Deliver on Micro Encoder Project

Micro Encoder in Kirkland used Division 9 Flooring for remodel

D9 under time crunch to deliver on Micro Encoder project. When D9 was awarded the Micro Encoder remodel project, time was of the essence. The remodel would affect Micro Encoder’s business operations, so we wanted to cause as little disruption as possible, but deliver a top notch job at the same time. We were able to accomplish that and are very pleased with the finished product.

We partnered with Skanska Construction on the project. “I have worked with Division 9 on numerous jobs. Myself and the clients have always been very impressed with both the professionalism of the staff, and quality of the work. No matter what size of the job, they have always finished on or ahead of schedule, which is a huge plus. We look forward to working with Division 9 on future jobs. Definitely top of the list!”

Jim Davis
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Division 9 Flooring Embraces Earth Day!

Division 9 Flooring Embraces Earth Day!

Division 9 Flooring is committed to our environment. Our Corporate Stewardship Program was created in 2008.                                                                                                                                       Our objective: To enrich the experience of Division 9’s employees, subcontractors, clients, and community by innovating and promoting sustainable outreach programs. These programs range from recycling to reducing the carbon footprint of both our corporate and industry activities. 

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Division 9 Rides Along on Union Gospel Mission Search & Rescue

Union Gospel Mission Search & Rescue with Division 9 Flooring

Division 9 received an invitation recently to go on a ride along with the Union Gospel Mission’s Search & Rescue. The UGM goes out nightly with blankets, clothes, food and cocoa for those living on the streets of Seattle. A few of us took them up on the invitation. Before we headed out, we were told that the most important thing we could do for the people were were about to meet, is just talk with them. We may be the only person who talks with them that day. We went out with Richard and Travis from the Mission. Travis says that these people “just want to be acknowledged as human beings”. Continue reading…

Hilton’s Most Popular Brand And Design Comes to Washington!

Hilton’s Most Popular Brand And Design Comes to Washington!

Home 2 Suites by Hilton has implemented a new design style and brand personality. The first Home 2 Suites by Hilton in Washington State has opened in Bellingham. It’s their forty-eighth Home 2 Suites and is designed for business travelers and extended stay guests. It’s the fastest growing brand in the history of Hilton. All of the Home 2 suites are equipped with kitchenettes including refrigerators. They offer a free continental breakfast, are pet friendly and feature a chemical free, saline swimming pool. Home 2 Suites also have what they call the Spin 2 Cycle – a combined laundry and fitness facility – a great way to multi-task. They embrace technology and are committed to environmentally friendly products and hotel operations.  Continue reading…

D9 Gives Healthways Flooring That Reflects Their Personality And Client Needs

Division 9 Flooring Healthways in Bellevue

Division 9 Flooring recently did a lift project at Healthways in Bellevue. The project was pretty straight forward. We lifted all of the furnishing and demoed the existing broadloom. We then scraped and encapsulated old adhesive and installed the new carpet tile. The result speaks for itself.

More and more we hear about how environment can affect productivity in the work place. Flooring certainly plays a role. It’s been proven that flooring in educational facilities can have significant impact on learning. The same is true for flooring in the workplace. The right flooring can increase productivity. Not only is it necessary to be pleasing to the eye, but color, texture and feel all come into play as well.  While wood flooring can bring personality, texture and warmth to a room, Broadloom Carpet can create a soft luxury feel.  A company like Healthworks, that focuses on science based health solutions, does well going with the beige, grey, blue and blue green colors they chose. Colors that are known for putting people at ease.  Continue reading…

Division 9 Adds to Amazon Build on Historic Seattle Structure

Amazon's new South Lake Union Offices

Division 9 Flooring teamed with Lease Crutcher Lewis for an Amazon build on a historic Seattle structure. Amazon chose to build new offices in the old Supply Laundry Building. Originally built in 1906, when laundry was big business in Seattle. It was also back breaking work. The local newspaper, The Seattle Union Record, called laundry employees “the hardest working and poorest paid workers in the industrial field.” The Supply Laundry Buildings old smoke stack has been there so long, it’s hard to imagine the neighborhood without it. The building is in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The neighborhood has received a major transformation over the last decade. South Lake Unions largest developer, Vulcan Real Estate owned by Paul Allen,  has been leading the effort to preserve the neighborhood’s historic features and incorporate them into new projects. The Supply Laundry Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.  Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring Project, Sunset Electric, Honored by DJC

Division 9 Flooring and Sunset Electric

Division 9 Flooring project, Sunset Electric, honored by DJC as Building of the Year. The building is part of a preservation incentive program that allows developers to build an additional ten feet of height in exchange for keeping part of the buildings original structure. Sunset Electric was build in 1926. It was originally part of an auto row building and supplied electric automobile equipment. It eventually sold radios and appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. The building is one of the first we’ve worked with that incorporated barn style doors into the new design. It’s a Leed Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) apartment complex, giving its tenants built in green features and benefits. It uses 43% less energy that other apartment buildings. The layout, with catwalks and an outside atrium, were a challenge, but also part of what make the Sunset Electric Apartments unique.  Continue reading…

Division 9 stays true to Seattle’s Exchange Building Landmark Status

Division 9 Flooring's work at The Exchange Building

Division 9 Flooring stays true to Seattle’s Exchange Building Landmark Status. The building, located at 821 2nd Avenue, was built in 1930. It’s one of Seattle’s Art Deco skyscrapers. Art Deco was a European influence that became popular, particularly for skyscrapers in the 1920’s. At the time of it’s completion, it was the second tallest reinforced skyscraper in the United States. The building is named for its early tenants, Seattle’s commodity market exchange. The Exchange Building was awarded landmark status in 1990 and won the “Office Building of the Year” award from the Building Owners and Managers Association in 2002 for renovation of the structure. It also won the 2002 BOMA International TOBY award for Building of the Year in the the Historic category, topping 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the competition.  Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring Puts Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission On Receiving End

Woodinville, WA (March 23, 2015) –

Division 9 Flooring, a specialty flooring contractor, recently donated 575 square feet of carpeting, to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. The donation put the Mission on the receiving end of giving. The Mission houses close to 300 in the Men’s Shelter and serves over 1500 meals a day to residents and those who are homeless and hungry on the streets of Seattle.

The Donation from Division 9 Flooring benefitted the Mission’s original building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The Mission opened it’s doors in 1932. The building is part of the Pioneer Square Historic District in Seattle, which protects the unique historic and architectural character of certain buildings.

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US Bank and Plaza Buildings in Bellevue Get Custom Made Makeovers

Division 9 Flooring Us Bank Plaza Bellevue

The US Bank and Plaza buildings in Bellevue get custom made makeovers! First impressions go a long way. Division 9 Flooring teamed with Turner Construction to leave no doubt that the US Bank and Plaza Buildings in Bellevue takes first impressions seriously. The entry lobby of the Plaza turned out very impressive. The stone flooring and custom made Masland Rug were a bit of a challenge to install. Largely due to the size of the Masland Rug. It was 18 feet wide and about 60 feet long. It took 4 guys to handle the installation. The finished product is beautiful!  Continue reading…