D9 Gives Healthways Flooring That Reflects Their Personality And Client Needs

Division 9 Flooring Healthways in Bellevue

Division 9 Flooring recently did a lift project at Healthways in Bellevue. The project was pretty straight forward. We lifted all of the furnishing and demoed the existing broadloom. We then scraped and encapsulated old adhesive and installed the new carpet tile. The result speaks for itself.

More and more we hear about how environment can affect productivity in the work place. Flooring certainly plays a role. It’s been proven that flooring in educational facilities can have significant impact on learning. The same is true for flooring in the workplace. The right flooring can increase productivity. Not only is it necessary to be pleasing to the eye, but color, texture and feel all come into play as well.  While wood flooring can bring personality, texture and warmth to a room, Broadloom Carpet can create a soft luxury feel.  A company like Healthworks, that focuses on science based health solutions, does well going with the beige, grey, blue and blue green colors they chose. Colors that are known for putting people at ease. 

Division 9 gives Healthways flooring facelift

Healthways is a science and technology driven approach to well being that has enhanced business performance for their clients for three decades. Healthways is committed to applying and advancing science to improve well being. Their Embrace Technology Platform has earned a top 10 ranking among technology innovators. Also, Healthways along with Gallup have developed the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5.  The Well-Being 5 is a scientific survey instrument and reporting experience used to measure, report and track an individuals well being. These are just a few examples of the innovative techniques Healthways brings to their clients.

Healthways has always been at the forefront of healthcare transformation. The company started 30 years ago with programs to support diabetes care and has evolved to encompass overall well being improvement.

Healthways in Bellevue gets new flooring from Division 9
Healthways Herringbone Flooring

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