Division 9 Adds to Amazon Build on Historic Seattle Structure

Amazon's new South Lake Union Offices

Division 9 Flooring teamed with Lease Crutcher Lewis for an Amazon build on a historic Seattle structure. Amazon chose to build new offices in the old Supply Laundry Building. Originally built in 1906, when laundry was big business in Seattle. It was also back breaking work. The local newspaper, The Seattle Union Record, called laundry employees “the hardest working and poorest paid workers in the industrial field.” The Supply Laundry Buildings old smoke stack has been there so long, it’s hard to imagine the neighborhood without it. The building is in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The neighborhood has received a major transformation over the last decade. South Lake Unions largest developer, Vulcan Real Estate owned by Paul Allen,  has been leading the effort to preserve the neighborhood’s historic features and incorporate them into new projects. The Supply Laundry Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. 

Seattle Supply Laundry Building on National Register of Historic Places


Smokestack Seattle Supply Laundry Building

The brick masonry exterior and iconic smokestack were restored and preserved during the project. The building received the 2011 Quality Growth Alliance Recognition Award for contributing to smart growth of the Puget Sound Region. It was also honored in 2013 by Historic Seattle with a Sustainable Preservation Award.

“This was a unique, historic building with all the challenges of a 100+ year old building. Division 9 was extremely helpful in figuring out the means & methods to installing several types of flooring over new out of level sub floors, original hardwood flooring, oily floors and sub-par floor structure. In an extremely busy market, where having manpower to maintain schedules can be difficult, Division 9 visited the site often to ensure our needs were being met. Division 9 was also vital in facilitating Owner/Architects changes in a timely fashion. Over all, Lease Crutcher Lewis as well as Amazon was pleased with Division 9’s  performance, and attention to detail. Thanks for a positive experience”.

Mike Levang – Superintendent – Lease Crutcher Lewis

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