Division 9 Flooring Teams With Amazon to Modernize South Lake Union

Division 9 Flooring and Amazon Seattle

Division 9 Flooring Teams With Amazon to Modernize South Lake Union-

Division 9 Flooring and Amazon have history. D9 has provided several Seattle Amazon facilities with high quality, commercial flooring. The latest Amazon building going up in Seattle is located in the South Lake Union neighborhood at 400 9th Avenue North. The streets in this neighborhood used to be quiet. What was once an old warehouse district is now booming. Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. You can see it. Cranes dot the Seattle skyline all over the place.

The South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle is enjoying new life and Amazon is all in. Amazon currently employs 24,000 workers in Seattle and is projecting that number will increase to 71,500 employees in Seattle in four years. They plan to have 10 million square feet of office space in and around downtown Seattle and occupy as much as 25% of Seattle office space. The numbers are staggering. Amazon is a force behind Seattle’s commercial real estate boom and is now Seattle’s biggest employer.

Division 9 Flooring and Amazon have a long history of working together. The building on 9th Avenue is 12 stories high. D9 needed a week per floor to complete the project. One thing that makes Amazon projects stand out is their bold color choices. They are not interested in a sterile, grey office setting. Not Amazon. Amazon loves color. The brighter the better. It makes sense because studies show that white and grey offices don’t promote productivity. Brighter colors like red, blue and green are colors that promote higher focus and task accuracy. Also creativity and inspiration. Citrus hughes like yellow and orange help people feel more alert.  These colors can be seen throughout Amazon facilities everywhere.

Division 9 Flooring Amazon Seattle


Division 9 Flooring looks forward to working more projects with Amazon. The brighter, the bolder the better.


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