Division 9 Flooring and Maltby Food Bank – Neighbors in Giving

Maltby Food Bank volunteer Michelle Robbins

The Maltby Food Bank and Division 9 Flooring have history. It started with a neighborhood location and turned into a partnership of giving. Division 9 Flooring has been supportive of the Maltby Food Bank since moving to their Maltby location. But the level of involvement increased with the addition of Michelle Robbins at D9. Robbins was hired as a project accountant in May of 2014.

Robbins moved to Seattle two years ago. It was while working in downtown Seattle she remembers seeing a young man pick some garbage off the ground. It was a cup with a lid and straw. She says it broke her heart to see the man open the cup, look inside and quickly drink what was left inside. Robbins says she noticed lots of people living on the streets and wondered how she could help. She went to work for Division 9 Flooring shortly after, and when she learned of the relationship between D9 and Maltby Food Bank, she decided that was how she would get involved. She began volunteering every Thursday at the food bank, handing out food to those in need. The food bank provides for 100 families a week. Robbins says it’s been a humbling experience. The people she hands out food to are obviously struggling, but are always cheerful and never forget to say thank you. *

Robbins volunteers along side people who have been volunteering at Maltby Food Bank for over 20 years.

Maltby Food Bank Volunteers

Robbins was recently asked to join the board at the Maltby Food Bank. She says “Not only does Division 9 support my efforts, they encourage it.  Recently, Maltby Food Bank needed help sorting food on a Monday morning.  I asked Melissa Rossi if it was okay if I spent a few hours helping.  Her answer was very indicative of the giving spirit of D9:  “Please do and thank you!”

The Maltby Food Bank Auction is September 12th at The Golf Club at Echo Falls in Snohomish. Division 9 Flooring has donated a case of wine and placed an ad in the auction book.

Division 9 Flooring not only encourages their employees to volunteer in the community, they actually give them one day per quarter of paid volunteerism.

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