Division 9 Flooring Embraces Earth Day!

Division 9 Flooring Embraces Earth Day!

Division 9 Flooring is committed to our environment. Our Corporate Stewardship Program was created in 2008.                                                                                                                                       Our objective: To enrich the experience of Division 9’s employees, subcontractors, clients, and community by innovating and promoting sustainable outreach programs. These programs range from recycling to reducing the carbon footprint of both our corporate and industry activities. 

D9 infuses the concept “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle” into every decision, no matter how small. We’ve implemented the following practices to honor our environment:

Waste Diversion – We recycle and donate carpet and other construction waste. Carpet is one of the most significant items in landfills today. 

Energy Efficient Systems – Bio-fuel and other reduction in fossil fuel emissions. Our company vehicles are electric. 

Human Health & Welfare – Identification and containment of hazardous substances and company sponsored training and volunteerism. 

We recently made a large donation to Habitat for Humanity and Mountain Re-Source Center totaling 41 pallets of ceramic tile, carpet tile,base, adhesives and powders. Over a dozen rolls of sheet vinyl, 20 or more rolls of remnant carpet and at least 5 rolls of carpet. Well over $200,000 worth.

Division 9 Flooring Inventory/Warehouse/Safety Co-Chair Craig Bohrer loads flooring donations for Roger Johnson of Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County in Lynnwood, Wash.








If we’re unable to donate or re-purpose excess flooring materials, we recycle.

Division 9 Flooring Recyclesd9-sustainability01







As a matter of fact, we have diverted well over 288 tons of carpet and pad from landfills and brought these goods to a recycling facility that has a recycling rate of 99%.

We implement the LEED rating and documenting system to physically recycle our own installations. We are committed to making a measurable impact on the sustainability of the projects we help construct and offer our clients the best-in-class solutions to everyday challenges of protecting our environment. 

Division 9 Flooring is also a member of The Fuse Alliance. The Fuse Carpet Reclamation Program diverted more than 6.6 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills in 2014. 

Division 9 Flooring embraces Earth Day today and every day.  

If you’d like to take action, you can learn more about Earth Day and how you can help our environment here – A Billion Acts Of Green

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