Division 9 Flooring Project, Sunset Electric, Honored by DJC

Division 9 Flooring and Sunset Electric

Division 9 Flooring project, Sunset Electric, honored by DJC as Building of the Year. The building is part of a preservation incentive program that allows developers to build an additional ten feet of height in exchange for keeping part of the buildings original structure. Sunset Electric was build in 1926. It was originally part of an auto row building and supplied electric automobile equipment. It eventually sold radios and appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. The building is one of the first we’ve worked with that incorporated barn style doors into the new design. It’s a Leed Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) apartment complex, giving its tenants built in green features and benefits. It uses 43% less energy that other apartment buildings. The layout, with catwalks and an outside atrium, were a challenge, but also part of what make the Sunset Electric Apartments unique. 

Open Air Courtyard - Sunset Electric and Division 9 Flooring

The buildings original facade stays true to its original design. The original building timbers were used for shelving and bedroom barn doors in several of the units.

Division 9 Flooring and Sunset Electric


We worked with Compass General Construction Project Manager, Nick Cunningham on the project. “We use Division 9 Flooring on many of our projects because of their impressive track record, accountability, and team first approach.  From the office staff to the field crews, they work diligently to surpass their clients’ needs and their projects’ goals.  Due to strong relationships with local suppliers, and a vast knowledge of the industry, they are able to offer great products and service at a competitive price.  We just completed the Sunset Electric project on Capitol Hill, with Division 9 supplying and installing all flooring and tile materials.  The project was hugely successful, and the flooring has drawn high praise from the entire project team”.

Division 9 Flooring is proud to be a part of the 2014 DJC Building of the Year!


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