Healthcare Gets An Updated Look @ Prestige Care

Modern Healthcare Flooring at Prestige Care Edmonds

At Division 9 Flooring, we take pride in our work. Prestige Care in Edmonds is a prime example of the fine work we do, particularly in healthcare. We are very proud of the way this project turned out, but more importantly, the folks we worked with at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation and Exxel Pacific are pleased as well.

The significance of flooring often gets overlooked. The fact is, it can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel and perception of a room – impacting both productivity and comfort level. It’s just as important as wall color and décor. Prestige Care is very clear on the direction their flooring should take, striving to provide a safe, comfortable, and calming interior. When you’re dealing in healthcare facilities, the #1 priority is safety. But safety doesn’t have to look boring or sterile. We were able to fulfill all of Prestige Care’s needs with a beautiful result. Continue reading…