Velo- An In City Bicyclist Retreat

Velo Apartments

Velo – An In City Bicyclist Retreat – Velo is French for bicycle. The Velo apartment complex in Fremont is all about bicyclists. Velo opened in September 2014 with 171 units and bicycle ramps inside of the building so cyclists can zip right in. The Burke Gilman Trail is close by and so is the Fremont Bridge, one of the busiest areas for cycling in the city according to city data. More than 3000 bicyclists cross the Fremont Bridge on an average weekday.  That number doubles in May, national bike to work month.

Division 9 Flooring installed all the flooring for Velo. The project stood out because of the bicycle theme. From the bicycle sculpture at the front entrance to the bicycle ramps and work out room. The contemporary design and unique architecture helped give the project a modern, trendy feel.

Velo gives bicyclists an eclectic homeVelo Apartments gym

It’s likely not all of the tenants at Velo are into bicycling. Given that the building is a few blocks away from Lake Union, there’s kayak and paddle board storage areas in the parking garage as well as ample bicycle storage.

Area apartment developers are tailoring their projects to particular demographics lately. The developers of Velo did extensive marketing research before they even hired an architect. Research showed the area was popular for bicyclists so they went with amenities to help set them apart. Of course the neighborhood doesn’t hurt the creative factor in the least. Fremont is one of Seattle’s most eclectic neighborhoods. How many neighborhoods host a yearly street parade featuring naked bicyclists? (Fremont Street Fair). It’s an easy walk (or ride) to Fremont and Gas Works Park. The roof top deck has a p-patch with a work bench and potting shed.

Division 9 enjoys breathing life into projects. Flooring is incredibly important. It can make or break a project.  We are very proud of our work at Velo.

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